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Financial and process consulting

An analysis of the current situation and the right planning will enable you to meet your goals. You will be in the best hands.


Are you worried about the financial control of your business or is your company in a difficult financial situation?

At Atisa, we offer a financial and process consulting service with which you can discover the true situation of your company, redirect your competitive strategy, and meet your medium and long-term business goals. We will support and guide you through the whole process as strategic partners.

Services to go further and be part of your business.

Financial Consultancy

The first thing is to listen to the client to understand their needs, wishes and plans for the future. We then design our work strategy with the sole purpose of helping our clients meet their goals.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
Warren Buffett
Why trust Atisa?

We help companies in all areas related to the financial environment, providing experience, professionalism, knowledge, proximity and adaptation.

A global, quality service

We belong to the international network of financial consultants and have our own quality management programme.

A perfect combination of personnel and tools

A team of over 20 highly qualified professionals working exclusively in this business area and supported by more than 200 specialist consultants in other areas.

Legal monitoring

We keep you up to date with all the latest financial news through advice, newsletters, and our Bae magazine.

Selier Abogados
Our in-house law firm

A modular service with the capacity to adapt to your financial needs. Now more complete with our legal advice.

We use SAGE X3

For faster, simpler and more flexible business management, with cost accounting, budgeting and reporting.

Staying on track and up-to-date is part of our DNA

We have a variety of means to help you keep abreast of legislative trends and developments that affect your business. Discover the Bae digital magazine, the Atisa blog and our newsletters, webinars and events.

Finding a partner like ATISA is no easy task. It is a partner that not only understands the needs and advises on the approaches to obtain the solution to the problem that arises, but also a partner that goes out of its way to make the client’s concerns its own and deal with them with a high level of involvement and capacity. This is what ATISA does and offers. Without a doubt, a relationship that will last for a long time.
Leonardo B. Benatov Vega. Euroconsult Engineering Consulting Group S.A
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Some of the services in which we assist Euroconsult include the drafting of the Annual Accounts of individual companies and the preparation of the Group’s consolidated accounts, as well as the interaction and monitoring of the account auditing process.

Queries and FAQs on financial and process consulting


It is very likely that the company’s internal growth is not efficient. Atisa will analyse the processes and departments so that they can be improved, and not only reduce the structural costs but also lay the foundations for efficient growth in the future.

By working through agreed procedures, we will apply the appropriate procedures in both account auditing and others to solve the issue so that you can trust your accounts as soon as possible.

In order to be perfectly aware of a company’s costs, it is not simply a question of knowing how much the suppliers charge you for the goods or how much you pay for electricity, rent or salaries. It is also necessary to know how to precisely answer the following questions, among others: What is the real margin on the sale of my products? Could I withstand a decrease in sales prices without it substantially affecting my solvency and profit? By how much could I lower my prices: if I offered a 10% discount would I lose money? What minimum quantity and at what price do I have to sell so as not to make a loss?

An excellent option would be to acquire a company that already does this, as you will not only ensure you have the know-how but also the customer base and the market, so you will be ensuring profitability from day one.

The first step before embarking on any business idea is to make a feasibility plan that will not only determine whether or not the project will be economically and financially viable but will also include a roadmap with actions to be taken and alternative plans in case things do not go according to plan.

Knowing the value of a company is not easy, as there is no reference market as there is for real estate. The most sensible option is to consult a company valuation expert who can provide a market value in line with the current situation.

The valuation of the company in such situations provides assurance to the seller that it is making a fair and beneficial transaction.

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